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Oklahoma State University

Board Review: Home



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Question Banks

  • TrueLearn - COMLEX 1st Year Students-OMS1
  • TrueLearn - USMLE 1st Year Student-OMS1
  • TrueLearn - COMLEX Level 1-OMS2
  • TrueLearn - USMLE Step 1-OMS2
  • TrueLearn - COMLEX Level 2 CE-OMS3
  • TrueLearn - COMLEX Level 2 PE-OMS3
  • TrueLearn - COMAT Bank Bundle-OMS3
  • TrueLearn - USMLE Step 2 CK-OMS3



Question Banks

  • COMQUEST - COMLEX Level 1 (1-Year Subscription)
  • COMQUEST - COMLEX Level 2-CE (1-Year Subscription)
  • COMQUEST - COMAT Bundle (3-months per rotation)


Office of Academic Success Resources

The Office of Academic Success purchases additional resources including the following. Like COMQUEST AND TrueLearn, students should receive new account emails directly from the vendor. 

  • Boards and Beyond Level 1/Step 1
  • Uworld Step 1
  • Uworld Step 2
  • Sketchy Medical
  • Pathoma (book included)