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Oklahoma State University

Medical Library Testing Center: Tulsa

Testing Center

Testing exterior

Testing Center Interior

Testing Center Carrels

Testing Center Carrel 1

Tulsa Testing Center Background and Procedures

The Medical Libraries in Tulsa and Tahlequah provide video proctored testing space. 

Scheduling - Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Last exam should end by 5:00 PM)


  • The Testing Center is in the Medical Library behind the front desk. Check-in with a library staff member on arrival. 
  • All tests taken in the library must be taken in the Testing Center in order to support video proctoring. Recordings are saved for the academic year.
  • There are eight iPads, and a charging cart. iPads should be plugged in and charging when not in use to ensure iPads are fully charged during exams. Software for all exams should already be installed on iPads to prevent delays when students begin exams. 
  • The Testing Center door should be locked when the room is empty to secure the iPads.
  • Questionable test behavior should be reported to the Medical Library Director who will review the recording and contact the relevant Associate Deans to investigate.

Exam Specific Information

  • Examplify - Taken on iPads or laptops. 
  • COMAT - Taken on iPads or laptops. Login codes are provided by Clinical Education. 
  • COMSAE - Review file is stored locally on the iPad. Login codes are emailed to the student.

Policy and Procedures for Students with Accommodations

  • Angela Bacon <>, Interim Assistant Dean for Student Life, is the point of contact for students. 
  • At least five days prior to the exam, the Course Director will notify students receiving testing accommodations with exam day instructions related to procedure and location. Course Directors will be notified at least five days prior to the exam, by the Committee on Students with Disabilities, that accommodations regarding procedures (times and location) have been granted; a proctor for this examination will be designated by the course director in compliance with the standard practice for assigning proctors. The Office of Educational Development (OED) and the course director will work closely together on exam times to best fit the schedules of student, director, and proctors. 
  • Students with approved testing accommodations shall arrive at the alternate exam room with their login information at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled exam start time.

Student Instructions

  • Bags, phones, smartwatches, and all electronic devices must be stored in a locker just outside the Testing Center. Keep the locker key with you during the exam.
  • No food, only water.
  • Enter the room quietly. No talking in the testing room. 
  • Video recording begins on motion. 
  • Fill out the sign-in sheet.
  • Record your locker key number.
  • Use the numbered carrel that corresponds to the numbered iPad. 
  • Once the test begins, do not leave the room before submitting the test unless using the restroom or in case of an emergency. Only one test-taker may use the restroom at a time. 
  • After completing and logging out of a test, return the iPad back to the charging station or give the paper-based test to the front-desk staff member. Record your time on the sign-in sheet and put used scratch paper in the scratch paper disposal box. 
  • Ask the front desk staff member for help if you experience any issues and they will contact IT, OED, or your instructor if needed.
  • Retrieve your belongings from your locker and return the locker key to the front desk staff member. Mark the locker key “returned” on the sign-in sheet.